An International Discography of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Here are some of the local cast recordings available around the world.

If you can't find any of the listed albums, you can phone THE MUSIC STORE on 0044-181-232-1200, or 0345-123-123 if dialing from within the UK, or write to THE MUSIC STORE, PO Box 123, Brentford Middlesex, TW8 0BR, UK. Or you can order through the internet by mailing the following E-mail address:

Album CD Catalogue Number Record Label Country
Cats/Vienna Cast 817365-2 Polydor Germany & Austria
Cats/Hamburg Cast 831092-2 Polydor Germany & Austria
Cats/Netherlands Cast 832694-2 Polydor Netherlands
Cats/French Cast 839449-2 Polydor France
Cats/Hungarian Cast SLPM 17837(LP no.) Favorit Hungary
Cats/Mexican Cast Unknown Polydor Mexico
Cats/Norwegian Cast DNT 1 Det Norske Treatet Norway
Cats/Original Japanese Cast D60H 4 Pony Canyon Japan
Cats/Long Run Japanese Cast D50H 13 Pony Canyon Japan
Cats/Australian Cast Unknown EMI Australia
Song & Dance/German Cast 353184-2 Global Germany
Starlight Express/Bochum Cast (1988) 462585-2 Sony Germany
Starlight Express/Bochum Cast (live) FTSEO 101/89 Stella Germany
Starlight Express/Bochum Cast (1991) 511154-2 Polydor Germany
Music & Songs from Starlight Express MCA 5972 MCA USA
Starlight Express/Japanese Cast POCP 1488 Polydor VALIGN=TOP >Japan
The Phantom Of The Opera/Swedish Cast 841748-2 Polydor Sweden
The Phantom Of The Opera/Vienna Cast 839206-2 Polydor Germany & Austria
The Phantom Of The Opera/Japanese Cast Unknown Polydor Japan
The Phantom Of The Opera/Canadian Cast 847689-2 Polydor Canada
The Phantom Of The Opera/Hamburg Cast 847514-2 Polydor Germany & Austria
Variations/Julian Lloyd Webber (1978) MCLC 1816 MCA UK
Variations/Julian Lloyd Webber (1986) 420242-2 Philips UK
Sarah Brightman/The Songs That Got Away 839116-2 Polydor UK
Sarah Brightman/Sings The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber POCP 1201 Polydor SE Asia, Japan, Australia
Jozef/Slovakia Cast Unknown Media Slovakia

By way of some extra clarification on the compilation albums, it is important to note that the tracklistings and/or packaging vary slightly in some countries. Therefore the following albums exist.

Album CD Catalogue Number Record Label Country
The Premiere Collection 837282-2 Polydor UK
The Premiere Collection Unknown MCA USA & Canada
The Premiere Collection Encore 517336-2 Polydor UK
The Premiere Collection Encore 517336-2 Polydor USA
The Premiere Collection Encore 519140-2 Polydor Canada
The Premiere Collection Encore 517697-2 Polydor Australia

Here is an American discography of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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